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Publication Design

I designed Curated to be a publication targeting Millenials and Gen Z who are interested in art. The readers would not only be interested in art news and history but social action. I choose articles and images that would draw these readers in. It features a design system that is beautiful in itself but does not draw too much attention away from the artworks featured and does not compromise readability. The accent typeface was carefully chosen; blackletter Blackletter has permeated all corners of pop culture despite its archaic biblical roots. Select the button below to read the full publication.


This playful promotional postcard draws the reader in. It encourages the reader to pick up the postcard and interact with it and not just throw it out with the junk mail. The front of the card asks "missing something?" while also highlighting that the iconic portrait is missing the face of its subject. The back answers the question on the front with the tagline "all the art history you have been missing" followed by a promo code.


The publication opens with an article about the Sackler family name being removed from the wing they donated in the MET. This is the type of content that would draw in young socially conscious artists.

Each Feature article begins with a semitransparent
page with the title, over the key article image. This idea has its roots in some of the first printed books which had protective translucent pages over full-page illustrations. This style of title page also allows pieces of art to be highlighted and have a full page. 


Each spread is designed to be clean so as to not distract or fight with the aesthetic of the art in each article.

Want to see the whole thing? You can flip through this entire issue of Curated by following the link bellow

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